An Occasional Man was started by pin-up girls who love handsome men, but couldn't find a mag that featured the classy ass we love to oogle, so we started our own! We're all touring burlesque performers, and as we shimmy and shake across the planet, we keep an eye out for the hottest man candy out there, and bring photographic proof to you in a quarterly, purse-sized full-colour magazine. Each issue also features some our favourite bands and artists. It's a tough job, but someone has to do it!
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June 4, 2009:

Issue 6 is coming together quite nicely and will be out in July, featuring hot fellows from New Orleans, New York and LA! To tide you over while you wait for the release, follow us on twitter to read all about the newest updates on our eternal search for the hottest man candy all over the world!

April 6, 2009:

We've put up the photos from our very successful launch parties and pin-up contest in New Orleans at the AllWays Lounge in the Launch Party Gallery, go check it out and see what you've been missing!

March 20, 2009:

Issue 5 has been sent to press and will be launched in New Orleans at AllWays Lounge on March 28/29, featuring live burlesque, go-go boys, pin-up contests judged by publisher Bettina May and local celebrities, prize giveaways and more!

January 2009:

Issue 4 is hot off the presses and ready to please you!

November 10, 2008:

I put up a bunch of video clips on the Man Candy page, just scroll to the right and check out go-go Amy and our crazy interviews!

November 9, 2008:

Pop over to the Man Candy gallery to see some of the delicious models from Issue 3! We're currently hard at work selecting the best content for our 4th issue, due out in January! If you haven't ordered your copy of Issue 3 yet, you can pick one up on the left of this page, subscribe here or visit one of our rad retailers to pick your copy up in person!

October 17, 2008:

Issue 3 is hot off the presses and sexier than you might be able to handle! Six delicious models, our first bare bum in the centrefold, interviews with a crusty and handsome old sailor and a rad band from Halifax, plus lots of fun extras, you can't go wrong, actually. We'll be adding sneaky peaks of the men from this issue in our Man Candy gallery over the next few weeks, so keep your eyes here!

August 26, 2008:

Here's our new website to keep you up to date with all the fabulous goings-on at the Occasional Mansion. If you notice any bugs or broken links, please drop us a line at so we can fix it. We're hard at work on Issue 3, which will be chock full of all the sexy men we scoped out in Paris, France while we were there for the Issue 2 European Launch Party. It's going to be our thickest issue yet, and we're confident that you know what to do when you get your hands on a bulge. For a taste of the delicious men we dish out in every issue, check out samples of past hotties in the Man Candy Gallery.

While you wait for the next issue to be in your hot little hands, check out the changes we've made around here! If you haven't already, you can get your hands on our first two issues on the left, or if you'd prefer to get delicious man candy delivered to your door 4 times a year, click here to subscribe!

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Bettina May on CHEK6 news to talk about the first launch party in Victoria, BC. Click here for more videos!


Issue 6: Summer 2009


Featuring Coverboy Izzy the Clown, centrefold Lester, The Two Man Gentlemen Band from NYC, the artwork of Glen Hanson, plus all our regular columns.

Issue 5: Spring 2009


Featuring centrefold Tyler Atomic, Coverboy Jasten King of Nancy FullForce, Rocket 350, the artwork of Keith Weesner, plus all our regular columns.

Issue 4: Winter 2009


Featuring centrefold Kenny Cottrell shot by Big Tiny Smalls, Cover Brothers Justin and Tim Hagberg of the Bedroom Antics, 3 Inches of Blood and Left Spine Down, Gareth Wynne of The Laundronauts plus all our regular columns.

Issue 3: Fall 2008


Featuring centrefold Henry Pine, esq., Paris boys Nicolas Ullmann, Adanowsky, Cosmo and Aymeric, Analogrithems interviews with Halifax garage rockers The Stolen Minks, and tattoo artists Sailor Jerry Swallow and Jamer.

Issue 2: Summer 2008


Featuring centrefold Austin Simpson, photographer Neil Kendall, Designer Tod Junker, interviews with bands 3 Inches of Blood, Black Square, and artists Jeff White and Amy Jean

Issue 1: Spring 2008


Featuring centrefold Nick Random, interviews with bands Hank & Lily, The Hell Caminos, and artists Lizzy Bathortease and Banana Grafeeks


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